"The best thing about it is speed of service... it's the same process as pouring a beer..."
- Myles Pitt, Owner Hotel Sorrento

Loved by many venues for its simplicity, Mister Mixer draught cocktails offer your customers a premium quality, high value product with minimal fuss. Our ready-to-pour cocktails come in 20L kegs  and are suitable for a diverse range of venues, from beach resorts to 50,000 capacity stadiums.

Our cocktails enhance the food and beverage experience while improving margins in bar operations. Perfect for busy bartenders, Mister Mixer is what you and your crew have been waiting for! 

No more, will time be wasted waiting to shake, stir, cut, squash, blend, measure - Mister Mixer is as simple as tap, pour, serve. 

But let’s not focus entirely on how much time it will save you, they also taste REALLY great. But don’t just take our word for it, why not try them yourself?

To sample our range of mixed to perfection cocktails, please submit your details to us below: